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Vicious Circle of Karma, Ignorance, Fear & Sin

In Samaysaar Aacharya Kundkund mentioned that there are seven kinds of fear. We see that the seven fears are as follows:-

1. Fear of failure in the life
2. Fear of the next life
3. Fear of disease
4. Fear of insecurity
5. Fear of loss of secrecy
6. Fear of death
7. Fear of all of a sudden loss

Jain Philosophy explains that fear is due to illusion or ignorance is due to karma based on previous and present thoughts and actions. Modern psychologists go to the extent that even an old person can experience fear due to his/her early childhood impressions and DNA inherited.

By true nature, a soul is fearless. The amount of fear present in our life indicates our degree of unhappiness.
To have protection against fear many living beings follow sinful methods. Modern psychologists explain that anger, greed, violence, etc. Arise due to fear; Spiritual teachers suggest alternative methods to get rid of fear. But a large number of living beings fail to understand the importance of spiritual teachings. If you ask such a person to devote sometime to spiritual teachings then it is likely that he/she responds with words such as: 'I do not have time for learning the spiritual teachings. I need time to earn money, I need time to support my family and Maintain my job….'.Thus in effect his/her basic reason for not devoting time to the spirituality is the fear of insecurity. But see the paradox, when the same person quarrels with his/her parents or children or spouse or friend then he/she has enough time! If you suggest, 'Minimize your arguments and quarrel by forgiving to certain extent'-then it is likely that he/she may respond with words such as: If I start forgiving then, they would not care for me. If I do not show this person his/her mistakes then she/he would repeat it again'. Here again the basis of such quarrel is fear of his/her failure in the life.In such cases the main ignorance is, perhaps, too much attachment with small and small matters and too much concern for the safety. The behavior of the same person would be different if he knows and trusts that the time spent in the spiritual growth can save his/her time by way of reducing quarrels, sickness, poor sleep and bad luck.

Because of the fear of failure in the life a person is so much conscious of his/her success that he/she always wants to validate or prove that he/she is great, his/her family is great. We all know what happens when we want to prove ourselves great. We soon see or hear that other person has a better car or a better houre or more influential friends or more educated children and so on.The spiritual teachings at this stage help by bringing a person to such a level that he/she does not have to spend of his/her time and energy in proving that he/she is not less than anybody else.
The point is simple: many living beings under the influence of direct or indirect fear follow the path of hatred, jealousy, anger, greed and disrespect for spiritual values such that again new bondage of karma takes place.The fear itself leads the bondage with Asata Vedniya Karma.The disrespect for the spiritual truth leads to the bondage with Gyanavaraniya and Darshanavaraniya Karma.The jealousy, hatred, etc. lead to the bondage with antaray Karma. Thus this cycle of Karma, ignorance, fear , sin , and karma runs and runs.

How to break this cycle

In Chhahadhala Pandit Daulat Ramji has answered this question by prescribing the following remedy:

 तातैं जिनवर कथित तत्त्व अभ्यास करीजे

The central idea of this prescription is: Learn and practice the spiritual teachings in terms of seven Tatva narrated by Jinendra Dev. Aacharya Amrit Chandra in Samaysaar Kalash gives following 'principle' to practice:

सिद्धान्तोयामुदात्त चित्त चरितैः मोक्शार्थिभिः सेव्यतां,
शुद्धं चिन्मय मेकमेव परम ज्योतिः सदेवाराम्यहम
एते ये तू समुल्लासंती विविधा भावाः प्रृथग्लक्षणा
स्तेहं नास्मि यातोअम तो मं पर द्रव्यं समग्रा अपि

 The message conveyed in the aove verse is as follows:Practice the realization of this principle that you are soul, you are Chaitanya, paramjyoti, you are always the same one soul, you are pure soul; that fear, loss/gain, disease and all such temporary attributes produced by karma are different and separate from the soul. These are not you. The characteristics of the soul are different from the characterstics of the soul are different from the characteristics of these. How the spiritual solution works: Many problems are magnified because, of our wrong interpretation. Many problems become worse by following wrong sinful paths. A good understanding of the karmic laws produces such a perception that others appear to bring loss/gain to us just as a postman brings mail. Further, the practice of realizing oneself as a soul who simply knows and observes as a witness makes fearful events less fearful. This witness aspect creates such a vision that rings a problem to an unmagnified level. Additionally, according to the karmic laws the good thoughts associated with un-attachment with the results bring positive coincidences or good luck in our life. The witness aspect also leads to the release from bonded karma. Just as a small candle eliminates the darkness of centuries, our bondage of karma of centuries can be broken by the true realization of the spiritual powers and the universal orderliness through karmic laws. Keeping such spiritual powers in mind Aacharya Maantung in Bhaktamar Stotra's metre-7 writes:"O God! By your prayer the bondage of sins of many past lives get detached instantly"

तुम जस जंपत जन छीन माही,
जनम जनम के पापनशाही
जवा रवि उगै फटे तत्काल,
अलिवत नील निशा-तम जाल..

Aacharya Kundkund in Samaysaar gatha-186 gives the logic of liberation from the bondage of karma as follows: The logic expressed in the above verse is very profound. It emphatically says that if you realize soul and karma as different and have a perception that you as a soul are not attached with the karma and fruition of the karma then eventually the karma get detached from the soul forever. The negative effects of anger and many other sins have also been investigated by a large number of researchers. The positive effects of meditation and prayer on he health have also been scientifically recorded by various groups. All these provide strong support o the spiritual power or power f paap and punya. In modern era for many psychological problems psychologists investigate the history of the patient and try to find the origin of the problem. They try to know the wrong notion (such as fear) responsible for the problem. They also investigate at which point of time in the life such wrong notion has been acquired. They even go to early childhood events and the family environment. They have this concept that a person can be released from the psychological problem more easily if the patient recognizes its origin. Somewhere in the whole process they want the patient to be conscious of the origin of the problem-a kind of witness attitude- a kind of perception of separation of oneself from the problem. In broader sense the living beings have acquired fear etc. in this present life and many past lives. This acquisition is stored in the form of karma. To get detached we need to have the perception that our soul is different and separate from karma and fruits of the karma, or we need to realize ourselves as observers or knower of all that is happening.

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