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Indian civilisation has produced many philosophies and religions. Among them is Jainism, one of the oldest religion in the world. Though historians have made various speculations about its origins, the origin of Jainism remains untraceable. Jains believe it to be an eternal religion.

JAINISM is a way of thinking and living based on logic and science. The name Jainism comes from Jina, meaning 'victor' over the self. Jinas have achieved liberation from karmic bondage and attained the true characteristics of the soul such as infinite faith, infinite knowledge, perfect conduct, infinite bliss and eternity by their own efforts. They are called tirthankaras, those who lead us towards the path of the eternal life of perfection. When Jains say that Jainism is a religion preached by the Jinas, they mean Jainism expresses the eternal truths of life and spirituality taught by pure souls, who are victors of themselves, with perfect knowledge and understanding.

Jainism believes the universe to be eternal, its constituents such as living and non-livings things may change form, but they are basically eternal. Time rotates in a cycle, like a wheel moving clockwise, descending and ascending. In each half of the time cycle (aeon), descending and ascending, twenty-four tirthankaras revive Jainism. The first tirthankara in this aeon was Risabhdeva and the twenty-fourth (and last) was Vardhamana Mahavira who lived from 599 to 527 BC.

Its teachings are right and appropriate for any age or era. Even in modern age where reasoning and science are the yard sticks, the Jain teachings look relevant to the thinking of the modern world which believes in individual freedom, socialism, and equality of all the souls irrespective of caste, colour, race or sex. It wishes well of all living beings and malice to none, but love and fraternity to all.

It explains fully the philosophy of the soul and matter, the importance of the human life and shows the perfect code of useful and healthy living.

We have inherited this fine philosophy through the teachings of LORD MAHAVIR and it is upto us to keep this heritage alive.
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