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Vishamaar Stotra Vidhan - 27th September to 28th September   ~::~   
Chaushath Ridhi Vidhan - 25th September to 26th September   ~::~   
Kalyan Mandir Vidhan - 23rd September to 24th September   ~::~   
Bhaktamber Mahamandal Vidhan - 21th September to 22th September   ~::~   
Namokar Mahamantra Vidhan - 19th September to 20th September   ~::~   
Parasnath Nirvaan Ladoo & Vidhaan   ~::~   
PanchKalyanak Vasundhara 2017

A Temple is a holy and religious place - A home for GOD. We visit the temple to pray and show our love to the almighty God. Here we gain positive energy & of course get rid of the ill thoughts. There only we confess our sins & try to improve ourselves. Actually the divine the relationship with God can be easily accompolished here. This place is reserved for religious and spiritual activities.

Keeping in mind the same thought, Shri Digamber Jain Mandir Samiti Vasundhara , Ghaziabad, U.P. dreamt of a Jain Temple in the same locality and God alloted a piece of Land adjoining the link road of Delhi and U.P. and also very neaar to the National Highway which clearly shows its prominent locaton.

It is in year 2001 when the first time Maha Shri Kaushal Mata Ji encouraged the society to built a Chaitalaya. Again in May 2006 the motivation of Digamber Muni Shri 108 Shrut Sagar Ji Maharaj brought the Jain followers together and the shilanyas of the Temple was made possible. And now by God’s Grace & with great blessings of Digamber Muni Shri 108 Saurabh Sagar Ji Maharaj, this dream is going to be fulfilled very soon as in Feb.2010 the Jain community will be facilitated to offer their prayers in front of the Great Creator in a big hall of Shikharbadth Temple.

Jain Temples are of great importance as the religion is very receptive. From ancient times Jain Temples are known for their beautiful architecture. Same here. This Temple building is aesthetically beautiful & functionally effective based on Vaastu principles. It has a nice blend of ancient and modern Temples. It is oriented such that the deities face north-east direction & also the holy rays of rising sun fall on them. Main temple is on ground floor level – easy to excess. Entering through the huge & attractive gopuram we proceed for the main hall walking on the white makrana floor with carpet like design. White effect in 3-dimensions with a touch of colours in the hall reflects the love of Jainism for purity, peace & simplicity.

Well ventilated & lighted halls at basement & first floor level will be efficiently used as pravachan halls. Besides this there are rooms for Guru also. The temple is will equipped with all necessary arrangements & public or religious amenities.

The 41 inches high Golden Coloured metallic diety of Bhagwan Mahaveer (The 24th Tirthankar) is placed on a beautiful bedi (Platform) made of Makrana stone with deep carvings of Pavapuri tirth at back which shows balance, harmony & also the traditional look with modern impact. The divine face of Shreejee will attract the visitors to such an extent that they can feel the spirituality of the temple. Pyramidical shape represents Stability, Firmness & Power. So this shape is used as a theme element which can be easily observed in the flooring, ceiling, main door entry & gopuram altogether in a different style, size & colour.

With great inspiration from our Digamber Muni Shree 108 SAURABH SAGAR JI MAHARAJ, The 31 feet high Shikhar, the highest part of the temple is designed in the shape of a blossoming Lotus flower. It started with 18 petals at the base followed by an eight sided square surfaces each side of which symbolizes religious signs. Afterwards the smiling 108 petals of Lotus, engraved with fantastic carvings placed in twelve rings gives a complete shape of Lotus Flower to the Shikhar.

An effort has been made to create Heaven on the earth with a belief that HIS shower of blessings will sprinkler on every devotee.

In whole one can say that the good architecture of temple shows the evidence of life. It is a fascinating story of technology meeting tradition.

Ar. Reena Jain

Jainmandir.net is a unique and your friendly Jain web site where you can know more about latest happenings of Jains in and around Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. It would also have the updated news, activities, events, photo gallery,downloadable greetings etc apart from actual layouts, structural maps and designs of the under construction Shree Digamber Jain Mandir, Vasundhara
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